FunderMax establishes further capacities for growth

In order to be able to exploit the potential for growth in the Compact-Sector, a new horizontal impregnation line called “HTM10” was ordered in April last year.

The installation location was crucial in the preliminary design. Ways should be as short as possible in order to exploit the existing semi-factory logistics and the existing infrastructure should be used as well as possible.

Due to the determining factors it was necessary to demolish a large part of hall 1 completely. The demolition work on the old stock and the construction of the new hall started last year.

Construction succesfully finalized

In the course of production right next to the construction work, discipline in terms of safety and cleanliness was of paramount importance. However, the difficult construction project could be completed accident-free in February this year. The installation of the system and the first functional tests of the individual units were carried out by mid-May. Currently, the new machine is running in three shifts.