Icotec.Group: New Identity, Proven Excellence

Isosport, Icoform, Tomplast, and Isokon become the Icotec.Group

The Isosport Group experienced significant growth last year through two acquisitions, now comprising four divisions and operating under the new name Icotec.Group. The Icotec.Group unites Isosport, Icoform, Tomplast, and Isokon into one group. All companies retain their names but present a unified corporate identity to the public.

The four companies of the Icotec.Group hold leading positions in their respective industries and are connected by shared values and a passion for achieving common goals. They consistently set the highest standards for themselves and their products, with continuous improvement for the benefit of their customers as their top priority.

The innovative solutions of the Icotec.Group are tailored to the individual needs of their customers. They are distinguished by special qualities, dimensions, and color variations that help address even the most complex technical and structural challenges. With over 50 years of extensive experience and exceptional expertise, the companies of the Icotec.Group are ideal partners in various industries.

The main target markets for the products of the Icotec.Group include construction, construction suppliers, the furniture industry, sports equipment, machinery and generator assembly, aviation, and energy management.