Fundermax expands its expertise and brings long-term partner into the company

Fundermax Individual Decor Center: Custom Printing Now In-House

Since 2002, the Vienna-based company Salon Iris has been working exclusively for Fundermax as an external service provider for custom printing. Salon Iris specializes in high-quality prints on complex materials. This area of expertise has now been integrated into the Fundermax Group. With the "Individual Decor Center," Fundermax now offers everything related to custom decor "in-house."

"Fundermax and Salon Iris have been an excellent team for many years, enabling customers to realize their individually designed panel designs for various applications. We are very pleased to have incorporated the professionalism and experience of Salon Iris in this field and to offer our own in-house competence center for custom printing with the Fundermax Individual Decor Center," said Gernot Schöbitz, Managing Director and company spokesperson of Fundermax.

Custom printing embodies some of the most important qualities of Fundermax: robustness and durability, design excellence, and customizability. Custom printing is available for both classic HPL high-pressure laminates and Max Compact Interior and Exterior panels. This variety allows for the perfect solution for any application, whether for facade cladding, furniture design, or unique interior designs.

The implementation requires a special digital printing process that differs from traditional printing methods such as offset or gravure printing, allowing for high flexibility in the design and execution of custom decors.

With the integration and the opening of the Fundermax Individual Decor Center, the expertise for the entire production cycle of custom prints is now housed internally. This includes design consultation and optimization, digital processing, pre-press, and the production of custom decors.

The employees for this area seamlessly transitioned from Salon Iris to Fundermax. Additionally, optimal conditions for in-house production of custom print panels were created at the facility in Wiener Neudorf and integrated into the new showroom.